Thought that I would catch you up on what’s happening with my writing. Well, I went on a bit of a hiatus. I didn’t stop writing altogether though. I have been ghostwriting for my father on his webpage. You can visit these on the links below.

Pete’s Collection

My Poor Sister

Friends and My Plymouth

Almost There

Grand Opening

My First Car

My Favourite Diecast Model

Filling Up My Cabinets

Planes Trains or Automobiles

My Cheeky Daughter

It’s the Little Things that Matter

and I’ve also posted some small humorous articles on the Medium Site. These links are listed below

Role Play is Awesome

There is no such thing as alone time.

No-one is ever too old to watch kids shows and like them.

Ever attended a Watermelon Picnic?

Whoever said that picking the perfect stroller was easy has never done it?

Who’s Bob? Why is this one of the first words your child spoke?

Puppies and Privacy Don’t Go Together

Have fun reading these.

Cheers Sandra


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