Thought that I would catch you up on what’s happening with my writing. Well, I went on a bit of a hiatus. I didn’t stop writing altogether though. I have been ghostwriting for my father on his webpage. You can visit these on the links below.

Pete’s Collection

My Poor Sister

Friends and My Plymouth

Almost There

Grand Opening

My First Car

My Favourite Diecast Model

Filling Up My Cabinets

Planes Trains or Automobiles

My Cheeky Daughter

It’s the Little Things that Matter

and I’ve also posted some small humorous articles on the Medium Site. These links are listed below

Role Play is Awesome

There is no such thing as alone time.

No-one is ever too old to watch kids shows and like them.

Ever attended a Watermelon Picnic?

Whoever said that picking the perfect stroller was easy has never done it?

Who’s Bob? Why is this one of the first words your child spoke?

Puppies and Privacy Don’t Go Together

Have fun reading these.

Cheers Sandra



Well, I have been busy. Check out the feature film and script page for new additions of a few short films.

The Tram, What is Reality?, Blow, Harvested (versions one and two) and now He loves me, she loves me not.

I am also a third of the way through full-length feature film The Last Telephone Booth (an Aussie story about an outback town that is in financial trouble).




Other great news,
I have finished another full-length feature film script called Willie and Harrison. It is away at the moment for checking so it will be up on INKTIP.COM soon.
Keep an eye out for it.

Also, I have just penned my second short script What is Reality? which should be available on INKTIP.COM in the next few days.

My next project will be a full-length feature film based in an outback Aussie town called The Last Telephone booth.

Brainstorming begins.

Cheers Sandra


Good Afternoon.

I feel really formal today.

Finished my full-length screenplay The Fence and it is now away for proof-reading. So, I have just started my new script Willie and Harrison, a story about the friendship between a boy and an older man. Every script I write is different from the others but beware with this one, the tears will flow.

Cheers Sandra



I have finally finished my short script (23 pages) called The Tram. Here is the log line

A deaf college student, smitten with a woman he sees on the tram, is shocked to find she has a secret of her own.

I also have updated this website. Hope you enjoy.

Cheers Sandra


April fools…no not really. Maybe the jokes on me? Nah. Almost three-quarters of my way through my short film script called The Tram (previously If Only). A tougher gig as I need to make the story speak, move and inspire in a very short time frame. Hard stuff. Logline?

A deaf student meets the girl of his dreams but is she is more or less than he expected.

or maybe.

A tram is an unlikely place that a deaf student meets the girl of his dreams.


Cheers Sandra


Why don’t you hop on to the updated logline and synopsis for my script Winners? Check them out under loglines.

Cheers Sandra


Welcome to my website. Just some news -I have been rewriting my scripts again, four out of five completed just Secret Agent S to go. Have just started a new short screenplay working title If Only about a deaf student who falls in love with another student at a tram station. It is almost like a comedy of errors. Well back to writing…

Cheers Sandra


New story on the mind… Meet Chris, Danny and Mark three old friends from high school who keep in touch during weekly visits to the pub to watch their favourite football team regularly lose. Chris is a divorced family man, who is desperate to see his kids. Can he summon the courage to thwart his controlling ex-wife? Danny, a widower for a year, who, from afar, has fallen in love with his old college sweetheart. Will he summon the courage to approach her and tell her that he is still in love with her. And Mark, who has just come back from military service, will he be able to forgive his father for his prejudice and will his father accept him for his lifestyle and career choices. Chris, Danny and Mark make a pact that by Christmas they will have all of their problems solved.

Working title – By Christmas


Finished Act One of The Fence, all seems to be going well. Potential logline.

Trying to keep up with the neighbours but all is not what it seems.



A big thank you to all the visitors to my website. I have experienced traffic from India, South America, Europe, the  United States as well as other countries in the last two weeks.

Thank you



Thanks to everyone that has visited my site. I am getting quite a few visitors from overseas and appreciate the time that they spend viewing the information on my website.

News – THE FENCE is going great guns. A third of the way through my first draft. Had to get away to kick start me back into the writing groove. Now it’s back. Yippee.

Hope things are moving forward for you also.

P. S. you do know that Christmas is getting closer. Ugh!



Just some news. Revisited my scripts WILD LILY FIELDS AND CAUGHT but have now re-written CARJACKED. I still have these scripts posted on but I also have them readily available as well. Please contact me via my contacts page.



Busy, busy, busy rewriting. I have recently revised and rewritten two scripts CAUGHT and WILD LILY FIELDS. You can see their new loglines and synopses here on this website or alternatively if you are a member of Inktip, they are listed there also.

Still brainstorming THE FENCE and BEYOND SALTED PLAINS.

Cheers Sandra



Brainstorming a new screenplay at the moment called ‘The Fence’.

Logline 1

What goes on behind the fence you could only imagine.

Logline 2

A family, bored with mediocrity, spy on their neighbours only to find that all is not what it seems.

These loglines and synopses will be posted on my website in the next couple of days.



Here’s an excerpt from my screenplay WILD LILY FIELDS which is a full-length script written for a feature film.


Lily (age 13), is dressed in her nightgown and is standing in the kitchen that is lit up by moonlight. On the bench is a large cabbage and a carving knife.

No, yes, I think so. Something like…

You know you want to. Go on, pick it up, pick up the knife. Go on pick it up.

Lily moves forwards into the kitchen and stands beside the bench looking at the cabbage.

It was goading me, trying to force me to do what it wanted. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to; I didn’t want to stab the cabbage.
Then it was like I was seeing myself doing it. It was if I already had the knife in my hands and it was plunging down, stabbing into the cabbage. The voice spoke again.
Go on, stab it, stab it, cut it right up.

Lily picks up the knife and while holding it in two hands pauses above the cabbage.

I saw myself pick up the knife and then plunged it down stabbing the cabbage over and over, again and again, until pieces of it are strewn all over the bench and floor.





Back to the drawing board as they say. Just what I need, a self-confessed kick in the but and a rev up to get myself back into gear. Yep, that’s it. Okay…let’s go.

Wish me good focus rather than luck.




Good Morning,

Gee, I’m formal today. Just a quick update. I have re-looked at my script  WILD LILY FIELDS and changed it, definitely for the better. So, have a look later today for an updated synopsis. I will change the script listing on as well. All-in-all, things are going well just got to keep writing and learning.




A new financial year so let’s get started with a new years resolution. No just not one but a couple.

1. Write at least three scripts this year.

2. Write a sequel to Scrub and the Sea Serpent

3. Sell one script

Let’s not get too excited, just putting it out there.

How about you?



Here’s a small excerpt from my children’s chapter book Scrub and the Sea Serpent which is a story about David who, while camping with his family, follows a shadowy figure in the forest and stumbles into the underground home of the Trolls. He meets a young troll called Scrub and learns about their life, their commitment to saving the forest and their greatest fear The Sea Serpent.



Crack – David spun around and peered into the dark forest behind him. Even with the splotches in his eyes from the torchlight, he could just make out a shadowy figure. He wasn’t sure and stared into the blackness and tried to shield his eyes from the remnants of the firelight. It didn’t seem to be the shape of a wild pig, bush turkey or any other animal. All David could see was a short figure around his own height with what looked to be ahead of scruffy hair. It turned, grunted and pushed its way back into the trees. David jumped as his hot chocolate dropped from his hand and splashed all over his legs. He grabbed at the blanket to wipe it off but another crack caused him to jump in his seat. He whipped his eyes up but could only see the reflection of firelight in two beady eyes that glared at him before the figure melted back into the forest and with it the odour of unwashed socks.

Cheers Sandra



I have started my latest online course from by Hal Ackerman called Screenwriting: The Art of the First Draft. I have completed around four sessions so far and some pointers that have been reiterated are

The basics – define your obstacles to writing. Gee don’t I have a lot of those, examples are T.V, social media, reading, sleeping, cooking and doing more housework than is absolutely necessary, just to name a few.

and to Make a Writing Schedule did that, that’s the easy part, now STICK TO IT, hmmm. Still working on that.

I’ll give more pointers in a couple of days.

Cheers Sandra


Here’s an excerpt from my family-friendly screenplay SERENA SILVER – SECRET AGENT S.


Cheers Sandra

Now watch this.

She grabs two pages of Derek’s assignment and sprays the contents of the red can over the pages. She sweeps the mist from the pages to the glass. The pages start to disappear and slowly two fuzzy images appear on the glass sheet. As the aerosol runs out the assignment completely disappears from the bench.

Arghh, it’s gone, what am I going to do!
I have to hand that in tomorrow morning and I accidentally deleted it from my computer.
It took me two weeks to write that assignment.

Oh Derek, just look!

Serena points at the glass where the two sheets have reformed but in miniature.

Is that them?
But they’re so small, and how am I supposed to get them off there,

take a photo and print it or something?

Serena shakes her head at him and selects the blue can and shakes it up then directs the spray onto the glass sweeping the mist from the glass to the bench top.
A foggy mist develops on the bench as the images on the glass disappear.
Same as before as the aerosol runs out the images have gone from the glass sheet and have formed back on the bench in their original size.


Thought I would share an excerpt from my screenplay WINNERS.

Hope you enjoy.

Cheers Sandra


Maggie looks at her watch.


It’s 12.00 o’clock.

Jean checks her watch and gets up from the bench.


Yeah right, let’s hurry.

The two ladies walk as quickly as they can between the villas until they sneak around the last corner. Jean trips over a broken paver.




Shut up or they’ll hear us.

They pause underneath a high window.
OS a woman and man speaking


Come on big boy or I’ll miss my soaps.


Watch out Jane, here comes Tarzan.
(Gives a jungle yell)




Hurry up and drag that chair over here.

Jean grabs a very fragile plastic chair and puts it under the window.
She climbs on it and looks into the window.
Her eyes widen and she clamps her hand over her mouth to stop laughing. She almost falls off the chair trying to get down.


What do you see?

Jean is doubled over in pain from trying not to laugh.
Maggie climbs up unsteadily.
Peering through the window she sees an elderly naked man launching himself from a chest at the end of the bed onto a squealing woman who is unsuccessfully trying to hide under the covers.


(Laughs out loud)

She wobbles on the chair and the chair tips over and she falls on top of Jean. Laughing they get up, holding their sides they move quickly away.


Did you see that?
Who would have thought he had it in him.


God, the way he was swinging it around
he could have put her eye out.


Hope she has insurance for that.


Just finished watching the film Her (2013) written and directed by Spike Jonze. I’m finding the story hard to describe. It was thought provoking, romantic, lonely, private, yet also a bit scary as it actually a sci-fi story that could be the human race’s future if we let it. It has some funny moments and some sad, heartbreaking ones. What I enjoyed the most about the film was that it made me think, not just how it was written and the emotions behind the words but also how it was shot and the use of scenes to make a point. See it for yourself and see what the writer/director’s story makes you feel.

Cheers Sandra


One thing that I love about writing is that inspiration can hit you anywhere but you’ve got to be prepared. There is no use having brilliant ideas come to you and you don’t have a pen/paper or the memo app on your mobile. Haven’t got the hang yet of using the voice recorder on the phone, suppose I will have to get used to it and hearing the sound of my voice, ugh! We are going out for a fishing trip this morning and guess what, my notebook and pen are going with me…my necessary travelling companion.

Cheers Sandra


Getting really caught up in my new script idea. Fleshed out the main characters, whom I like, now working on the antagonists, whom I don’t like but they have their agendas even if it makes life really difficult for the protagonists. Have also worked out the timeline which is the basis of the script and I will use this as the guide to moving the story forward and got really excited and did my first draft on the two first scenes.

Working Title – Beyond Salted Plains

Genre – Romance

Cheers Sandra


Isn’t it strange how and when inspiration hits? Haven’t had a fresh idea for months but once I discarded the idea that I was playing with a brand new story came to mind. The concept fresh, original and totally different to what I was working on. Even brainstorming is easier. I’ll share the logline with you soon. Keep you posted.

Cheers Sandra


Had to come to the decision to put aside the storyline that I have been working on for three months about an illegal immigrant Somalian national who arrived by boat and is hiding out in the Australian bush. The idea seemed good by the story wasn’t working so it’s shelved for the moment. So in clearing out that idea what’s next? Do I look at something for children and families…um…what about a comedy (I’m not particularly funny but my characters could be)…maybe another drama…we’ll see.

Waiting for inspiration to hit, waiting…waiting…waiting. Note to self write down my dreams.

Cheers Sandra


Well hello, and welcome to my website with all the up and coming news about what is happening with my writing. So far I have completed and published three books that you can view under the Books tab with links for purchase.  I have also completed six full-length feature scripts whose log lines and links to synopses are available under the Feature Film Scripts tab. So if you are interested in optioning one of these wonderful scripts please contact me under the Contact tab. Have a wonderful day.

Cheers Sandra

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