Secret Agent S: Volumes 1,2 and 3

15-year-old Serena Silver (Secret Agent S) is a gifted chemist who helps solve crimes for her Uncle Bruce and the Government. With the help of her best friend Derek and her pet cat, Mr. No Name they have a series of adventures trying to foil the evil deeds of their arch enemy the dastardly Dr. Misery. Chapter book suitable for readers aged 7 to 15.

Scrub and the Sea Serpent

Come and meet Scrub a gruff but likable Troll who lives in the forest of Norway. By misadventure, he meets 8-year-old David while he is camping with his family. David thought that trolls were mythical creatures that were cruel to humans and Scrub thought that humans were good-for-nothing beings that ruined forests and stole young child trollies. Their adventures lead them to all sorts of fun and games but a true understanding of each other’s culture happens when David helps Scrub rid his home of a terrifying creature.

Riot: of the Senses (Riot of the Senses Book 1)

AGE 18+

This is a collection of four erotic stories that are not for the faint-hearted. Each story focuses on a different episode of sensual discovery combined with lust, love, ambition, and sex. Get into the minds and feelings of Yukiko, Roberto, Vanessa, and Miri, four people experiencing their desires and breaking down their inhibitions.

(Click here for purchase)

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