Feature Film Scripts and Short Scripts



Sophie Lacroix, a Telcanex worker is commissioned to remove the out-dated telephone booth and public phone from the Aussie outback town of Mc Clary’s Creek. She discovers that the town and its townsfolk are in serious debt and cannot pay back it’s debtors. Just when Sophie starts her job in the town she finds out that she is made redundant and has lost her job and the town is only given a short time to try to find the cash to pay off the bank. Just as everything is falling apart there is a fire that wipes out the crop of Sophie’s love interest. This catastrophe brings the town to its knees. Sophie and the townspeople of Mc Clary’s creek rally together to save the town.

HE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT (Short) – 4 pages

With each removal of a petal from a flower that is passed from one person to another,  we see a snapshot of their personal experiences with discrimination and love.

HARVESTED (Version Two) (Short) – 5 pages

After a big night out and without his consent, a man has his penis harvested for the black market. (Hotel Version) (not graphic)

HARVESTED (Version One) (Short) – 11 pages

After a big night out and without his consent, a man has his penis harvested for the black market. (Hospital Version) (not graphic)

BLOW (Short)

Within the short time that it takes a match to burn, a man revisits childhood memories of privileged neglect.

THE TRAM (Short)
A deaf college student, smitten with a woman he sees on the tram, is shocked to find she has a secret of her own.

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After his estranged son dies in a protest against police violence, a cop spends years bonding with his grandson through short visits at the park. He is sworn to secrecy by his daughter­‐in‐law and faces the burden of guiding the boy through life without revealing their familial ties.

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Within the white room, there is a blurring of lines between memories, fantasies, actualities and realities.

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A regular family, bored with mediocrity, spy on their neighbours only to find that all is not what it seems.

(Being written)


After a woman loses her young daughter in a carjacking, she employs a cop with a case against her mobster boyfriend to help track the vehicle down.

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Melbourne TV news anchor returns to her rural home to her estranged father and old flame after receiving news that her long-missing, unstable mother’s remains have been discovered.

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With the help of her secret agent cat and her best friend, a “15-year-old” genius in chemistry foils a villain three times with hilarious inventions until he is finally caught.

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When a pregnant teenager moves into her grandmother’s house with her mom, she discovers a new life while learning about history’s tendency to repeat in her family.

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After an uppity woman moves into a rundown retirement community, she befriends a group of peers who are determined to win the lottery.

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A depressed mum finds friendship at an outback caravan park until a charming rapist with a murderous agenda steals her daughter. With the help of friends, she finds the courage to defeat him.

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