Log Line

After a woman loses her young daughter in a carjacking, she employs a cop with a case against her mobster boyfriend to help track the vehicle down.


FELICITY (26) endures another beating from her boyfriend, BRUISER (32). Bruiser threatens to harm her daughter, ANNA (2).  When he leaves for a meeting with his mob boss, LEWIS WILSON, Felicity skips town. Lewis asks Bruiser and SQUID to follow STEPHANO (17), a Hispanic athlete who cost them a bit, and ensure he earns their money back. Meanwhile, DETECTIVE JOHN SOLOMON investigates a murder case. He is convinced it’s Bruiser’s work. Stephano and his girlfriend CAROL, desperately need a car to deliver drugs for Wilson. They purposely stand along a dark stretch of highway. Felicity drives toward them and has to swerve out of the way. Stephano flashes a gun. He yanks Felicity out of the car. When the couple finally notices Anna, Stephano doesn’t have time to turn around. John drives away from his crime scene. Felicity flags him down to report the crime. Stephano drives to an abandoned warehouse. He meets with a paranoid woman, TANYA. She gives him three parcels for delivery. While John searches for the car with Carol, he continually checks his phone. He hasn’t heard from his estranged daughter, Carol, in several weeks. Stephano delivers the first package in a suburban neighbourhood to TWIGGY, Tanya’s twin sister. John spots Bruiser and Squid driving away from a fast food joint. He whips the car around and pursues them. Felicity pleads with John to concentrate on finding Anna, even grabbing at the wheel. A radio call reports seeing Felicity’s car. John relents. He follows the new lead. He meets with the man who spotted the car, RAT. Rat saw both the car and Bruiser at Tanya’s earlier that night. John figures the carjacking is connected to Wilson. He places a tail on the mob boss. Stephano’s second stop brings him to a guarded, gated mansion. As Stephano leaves, Squid and Bruiser drive directly through the gate. They shoot up the house, revenge for a previous attack on one of Wilson’s clubs. Stephano barely avoids their car. Bruiser follows Stephano to a graveyard, where the teen makes the drop in an open grave. Stephano sets a meeting with Wilson at Franklin Street Bridge. John’s tail informs him. He calls in several squad cars. Everyone converges on the bridge. When the swap occurs, police swarm the area. Squid grabs the money. He shoots Wilson, which sets off a hail of bullets. During the chaos, Bruiser aims at Carol and Anna. Carol protects Anna with her body and takes a bullet to the chest. She falls into the river. John, heartbroken, manages to save Anna from the bridge’s ledge. Six months later, John dates Felicity and treats Anna like his own daughter.



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