Down on her luck and separated from her husband, a woman moves to a trailer park and starts seeing a man who is more dangerous than he appears.


JULIA, a young mother, leaves her husband, JAMES. She takes her baby, JASMINE, to a caravan park. She meets CLAUDIA.
BETHANY, Claudia and RICKY’S daughter, go to the lakefront and smokes a cigarette.
The next day, an unknown GIRL walks through a field. She senses movement behind her. The girl panics.
Bethany goes to Julia’s trailer to take care of Jasmine. Claudia leads Julia around the park. Their first stop is MARJORIE. Marjorie offers Claudia a tarot reading which Julia senses are more for her than Claudia. They leave. Claudia tells Julia about PETRA and her wheelchair-bound mother, HELENA. Petra is nosy about Julia’s past. Julia uses Jasmine to leave. Julia is crying. Bethany helps Julia with Jasmine. Bethany shows Julia her favourite spot, the lakefront. Julia partakes in a community poker game. Some residents enjoy themselves in the common room as well – COLONEL JOHNSON, MR. FERNANDEZ, MR. and MRS. MONTANO, MR. OLSEN, ETHEL and BILL SMITH. They press Julia about her past. MACK moves into the park. He watches Bethany. She is unhappy. Claudia takes a reluctant Julia and Bethany to meet Mack. Mack likes Julia. He attends one of the girls’ poker nights. Mack hits on Julia but she rejects him.
The unknown girl walks through a dry paddock. Mack apprehends her and rapes her.
Julia and Bethany are shocked at a radio broadcast. Bethany spies on Julia and Mack during a date. They kiss. Bethany crawls through the fence, unaware that Mack watches her from the window.
Mack and Julia continue seeing each other. By Christmas time, he is abusing her.
Mack stalks Bethany when she sneaks away to smoke pot. Julia visits Marjorie’s trailer.
Mark’s behaviour towards Julia worsens. She is stunned at his abuse compared to his love for Jasmine. Mack spikes Bethany’s drink then secretly follows her. He knocks Bethany out.
Julia finds her trailer unlocked and empty. She cannot find the girls. Panic sets in when she enters Mack’s trailer and she finds all his things gone. She climbs through the hole in the fence to find Jasmine’s teddy on the grass. She calls out for them.
Mack puts Jasmine in his truck. He threatens Bethany. Julia hears the truck’s engine. Bethany hears Julia’s shouts. She yells back, causing Mack to hit and restrain her. Julia finds the truck. The headlights blind her, shielding Mack and Bethany within the shadows. Julia runs to the truck to find Jasmine inside. Mack grabs Julia and throws her to the ground. She finds Bethany and tries to release her. Mack reveals his plan. He used Julia to get close to the girls. Bethany can fulfil his urges until Jasmine becomes old enough. Julia grabs hold of a branch. Mack unsheathes his knife as Claudia and Ricky shout in the distance. They distract Mack enough to give Julia a chance. She swings the branch and breaks his nose. They fight. Julia is cut. Just as Mack gains the upper hand, Ricky attacks him.
They fight. Ricky punches Mack and grabs the knife, but Mack pins him. Claudia grabs the branch and strikes Mack. Ricky drives the knife into Mack’s chest. He dies. Claudia and Ricky go to Bethany. Julia gets Jasmine from the truck. For the first time, the baby utters the word “Mum.”



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