With the help of her secret agent cat and her best friend, a “15-year-old” genius in chemistry foils a villain three times with hilarious inventions until he is finally caught.


Serena Silver aka Secret Agent S is a 15-year-old secret agent working for her Uncle Bruce and the Government. With the help of her friend Derek and a special cat called Mr No Name, Serena develops chemicals and formulas to help her Uncle try to catch the nefarious thief Dr Misery which has hilarious results.

When Serena tests the invisibility formula on Mr No Name, the cat can’t wait to launch an attack on Derek much to his disgust. Then Derek gets the surprise of his life when Serena turns herself into a cat that looks exactly like the Prime Ministers.
But when Serena evaporates Derek’s assignment into a cloud of mist he panics until she reforms it to its original state.

When Serena’s Uncle involves the teens in the Government plans, Serena and Derek find themselves in dangerous situations that only Serena’s genius in chemistry and Derek’s bravery ensure their escape. Serena loves chemistry and helping out her Uncle but she resents being taken away from her school friends and social activities and sometimes has to be persuaded especially when her crush, Brian, will be there.

After two failed attempts at capturing Dr Misery the first being when Serena and Derek become invisible to stop him from stealing from the World Bank and the second when Serena changes into a cat to foil the kidnapping of the Prime Ministers feline. They finally succeed in their third attempt by foiling the theft of a Da Vinci’s painting from the Melbourne Museum and assist the police in the capture of the Doctor.


Secret Agent S

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