Log Line

When a pregnant teenager moves into her grandmother’s house with her mom, she discovers a new life while learning about history’s tendency to repeat in her family.


AMBER RICHARDS (30s) and her pregnant daughter, SKYE (16), temporarily relocate to the quaint town of Splendid, Minnesota. They move in with Amber’s mother, MARY (60s), who suffers from occasional memory loss. Skye wants to move back to Chicago with her dad, ROGER. She blames her parents’ impending divorce on Amber. Skye explores the new town with Mary and BLUEBELL, Mary’s troublemaking goose. They discuss Mary’s late husband, JACK, and Skye’s failed relationship. Skye meets a waitress her age at the coffee shop, POPPY. She also takes an interest in Poppy’s cute friend, SAM. Later that night, Mary confesses to a life-changing secret. She cheated on Jack when he was away at war. Jack’s brother, WENDELL, is Amber’s true father. Mary and Amber bring one of Mary’s paintings to an art gallery the next day. It’s quite ugly, but someone always buys her work. The gallery owner, MATTHEW, takes a shine to Amber. He takes Amber into the storage room to get her acquainted with the eclectic gallery artwork. He admits that CHARLIE (60s), a man in love with Mary, buys her paintings every year. He’s also been whittling beautiful wooden animals and leaving them on her porch as gifts. Sam finally introduces himself to Skye and offers to buy her a coffee. Amber questions Sam’s character when the girls chat at Mary’s cottage. Then, she makes the decision to come clean to Skye about her own marital secret. Roger has left her for another woman. Not only that, but Roger is not Skye’s biological father. Amber was already pregnant when they met.

Skye tearfully runs out of the house. Roger, driving to visit Skye, accidentally hits her. She loses her baby from the impact. After overcoming the tragedy, Skye continues to grow closer with Sam and Poppy. The new friends catch a movie and go canoeing. Meanwhile, Amber and Matthew spend more time together. She volunteers with him at a nursing home and sells pieces at his art fair. Mary’s memory continues to deteriorate. As she wanders through Main Street in a daze, she steps into the path of an oncoming truck. Bluebell flies toward the vehicle to alert the driver. He swerves away from Mary but strikes the bird dead. Mary is devastated. Skye tries to convince Amber to make the Splendid move permanent. Amber goes into town to think everything over. Seeing all the townspeople she’s become close with triggers her decision. Two months later, Amber opens an attorney’s office in Splendid. Sparks finally fly between Charlie and Mary when he buys her a gosling. Skye attends a new school with Sam and Poppy. The three women have found happiness again.



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