Log Line

A deaf college student, smitten with a woman he sees on the tram, is shocked to find she has a secret of her own. (Short)


EMILY (20’s), a university student, discusses her relationship with a few friends. She’s conflicted about continuing to see JASON. Eric passes through a tram station wearing earbuds, which cancel out the station’s commotion. He catches a glimpse of Emily while his tram departs. Three days later, Eric walks down a flight of stairs to the tram platform. Again, there is no audible noise. Emily accidentally clips him with her purse. He freezes when he notices her. The crowd pushes past him and Emily disappears. A kid purposely kicks Eric in the back of the leg. Eric limps to the tram. It takes Emily away before he reaches it. The next day, he fails to reach her outside the tram again. Jason brings up a few issues to Emily after class. He finally realizes the relationship won’t work. Emily only nods during his speech – she doesn’t contribute. Eric, his world still silent, watch Emily walk away on campus. He boards a tram later on. A girl, REBECKAH, walks near him with a smile, but he turns his back on her. On Saturday, Eric sits behind Emily on the tram. He notices her crying in the window’s reflection. They finally meet while riding the next day. He builds up courage and types “coffee” on his phone. He shows it to her and then writes that he would like to talk to her. Emily’s confusion frustrates Eric. He walks away. Two days later, Eric wears earbuds on the tram. Emily pulls them out. She asks him to grab coffee and signs while she speaks. Eric, confused about Emily’s interest in him, only accepts after she snatches his phone away. They talk and sign to each other over coffee. Eric tells her that people treat him as if deaf people are automatically dumb. After the successful coffee date, they start riding the tram together. The station is always muted until Eric notices Emily. Emily continually tries to convince Eric that he is not an outsider. She asks him to meet her friends. He refuses. As she angrily walks over to them, sound fades out again. Eric hops off the tram at the next stop. The following day, Emily stands in the station with earbuds around her neck. Eric calls out to her. She doesn’t notice him until he taps her shoulder. Eric realizes she’s deaf too. He runs off, unwilling to be with someone damaged like him. He wanted her to be normal. Eric approaches Rebecka a week later. He says hello with his phone. As Eric reads her lips, he’s horrified to realize she has a noticeable stutter – another damaged girl. Eric cannot overcome the girls’ differences to what he considers normal so he continues his life alone while Emily reconnects with Jason.


The Tram

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