Log Line

After an uppity woman moves into a rundown retirement community, she befriends a group of peers who are determined to win the lottery.


MIRANDA (70s), a snobby woman with an extensive history of plastic surgery, moves into the  Amber Views Retirement Village. The community has seen better days, evidenced by untended gardens and cracked concrete paths. MAGGIE and JEAN, two elderly residents, judge Miranda’s behaviour and excessive possessions. Miranda’s process of moving in involves whacking her nephew MATTHEW with her purse and acting as if she owns the place. Miranda remains unimpressed during the check-in procedure. She disapproves of the
apparent relationship between RODNEY (30s), the manager, and STACEY (20s), the head receptionist. Meanwhile, BOB (60s), CHARLIE  (70s)  and TED (80s) sneak off to the strip club with the community bus driver, BERNIE (50s). Whether it’s under the guise of fishing or golfing, they make a habit of this adventure. The next day, Ted receives a letter during the group trip to the drug store. It’s from his unknown, illegitimate son, ELIJAH. Elijah works as a counsellor, just like Ted did. Ted becomes emotional – his marriage never produced any children. As Miranda grows accustomed to Amber Views, she gradually sheds her stuck-­up attitude. She falls for Bob after he invites her to dinner one night. She also bonds with Maggie and Jean when they pressure her into attending the salon. After the women come back from the hairdresser’s and the men return from “fishing”, the group spots an ambulance outside HENRY’s villa. Henry, known for his frequent sexual role-play with another resident, JUDITH, died in his sleep. They discuss the sudden passing during a  game of cards that night. Jean hatches a plan to buy tickets in the upcoming $75 million lottery. Her recent hot streak has been impressive. Between winning money from gambling and literally finding cash on the ground, the timing seems right. Everyone feels compelled to contribute for various reasons. Charlie hopes to marry  Jean, but neither possesses the resources. Miranda wants to go overseas with Bob when he visits and accepts his gay son, but she also overhears worrying news about Amber Views’ financial situation. Maggie learns about a benign tumour the morning of Henry’s funeral. It’s operable, but her insurance won’t cover it. Jean buys only two tickets.  Remarkably, one turns out to be the winner. The elated group embraces after the drawing. Charlie proposes to Jean on the spot.
Elijah attends the wedding with Ted. They plan to open a foundation for troubled youths together in Brooklyn. Jean purposely throws her bouquet to Stacey while driving away in her newlywed Winnebago. Rodney takes the hint and proposes. Following Maggie’s successful surgery, she accompanies Miranda and Bob to Rome.



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