Children’s Picture Book Manuscripts

Mixie Mouse and the Magic Umbrella

Mixie Mouse wandered out of her house as lonely as can be.

All her friends were busy and there were none that she could see.

A gust of wind changed her fate as it blew over a table.

It picked up a small drink umbrella and now begins the fable.

The umbrella looked quite normal except for its small size.

It also had the brightest colours in stripes around its sides.

It was these rainbow colours that lifted Mixie’s mood.

And when the umbrella spun real fast that’s when the magic zoomed.

Mixie Mouse was super quick and caught the spinning brolly.

It was nice and bright and shady and made her feel quite jolly.

So, down the street Mixie went with happiness in her stride.

Until she saw a sad puppy sitting mournfully roadside.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Mixie as she stopped beside the pup.

“My paw is sore,” said puppy, “and I can’t hop into the truck.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mixie Mouse. “I’m sure you will agree.”

“My umbrella will make you better ’cause it’s magic you will see.”

Mixie Mouse spun her umbrella really really fast.

It made the pup quite dizzy and he fell into the dust.

“Now hop up,” said Mixie Mouse. “I bet you’re all better now.”

The pup shook the dizziness out of his head and leapt up off the ground.

“I feel great,” said the thankful pup, “The soreness has gone away.”

“Now I can go with my boss,” and he jumped through the truck’s doorway. 

Mixie Mouse was glad that she helped the grateful pup.

She wondered who else she could help or maybe even cheer up.

She stopped under a leafy tree to have a little rest. 

But in a bush near her feet, a baby possum was really upset.

The possum had lost his mother when she’d gone to get some grub.

He’d slipped out of her nice warm pouch and fallen into a shrub.

“Are you okay?” asked Mixie Mouse, peering at the small baby.

“I’ve lost my mum,” said baby possum. “And I’m really quite hungry.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mixie confidently. “My umbrella will bring her round.”

She twirled her rainbow umbrella ‘til it made a whirring sound.

There was a crash, a bump, and a crack, mother possum charged through the bush.

“Where are you, my baby?” she cried. “I came as quickly as I could.”

The baby fell into his mother’s arms, “I’m here Mama, I’m starving.”

“Don’t worry my son, I’ve brought some grub that’ll stop your tummy rumbling.”

Mixie Mouse smiled at the pair and then went on her merry way.

Until she saw a baby chick who was trying to do ballet.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a frown. “You really do look silly.”

“I don’t know,” said the baby chick. “But I can’t stop doing the Shimmy.”

“Just watch my umbrella spin baby, it really should do the trick.”

Mixie Mouse twirled her umbrella until she was nearly sick.

Baby chick stopped doing the Shimmy while she watched the colours meld.

Now her feet did what they were told and she pirouetted rather well.

Mixie Mouse was getting tired so back to her house she went.

The rainbow umbrella went with her, its magic not yet spent.

She put it very carefully right beside her big front door.

So, if ever she felt lonely again she could spin it fast once more. 

When will it rain?

Bilby fell out of the pouch and opened his eyes

all he saw was gravel, dirt, dust, and flies.

“What happened Mum, where’s all the green?”

“We are in drought my son, there’s none to be seen.”

The bilby hopped a few steps on the dry ground

there was no sweet grass, none to be found.

Bilby was worried, what would he eat?

Mum’s milk had dried up with all this heat.

If only the clouds would drop some rain

maybe then he would try some sweet grain.

What does rain feel like? He looked to the sky.

Would it feel cold and wet, not hot and dry?

He wandered around the parched open plains

when he felt a splotch. Could this be rain?

He felt it again and looked up high

but it was just camel spit, he gave a sigh.

He hopped under a barbed wire fence

and saw a homestead in the distance.

He went to see what he could find

and found a black dog covered in grime.

The black shaggy dog was having a bath

shaking stinky water all over the path.

That’s not rain, just yucky bathwater

Then his nose twitched, was this what he was after?

‘Cause he felt a fine mist and saw a rainbow.

Was it rain or just some tricky show?

There were green plants that looked nice to eat

but a mesh fence stopped Bilby and it couldn’t be beat.

He hopped down to the dam which was almost dry.

Some horses were drinking and making drops fly.

“This is not rain.” The baby bilby sighed.

“Will I never feel water fall from the sky?”

Baby Bilby was hungry and thirsty too.

Will it never rain? What can he do?

Suddenly, there was a rumble that came from the west.

Thunder clouds had gathered, rain barely suppressed.

Bilby looked with wonder at the spectacular sight.

The rain was coming with all its might.

Bilby rushed to hide under a shrub

when rain pelted down and turned the dirt mud.

Now, Baby Bilby has plenty of things to eat

thunderstorms and rain have broken the heat.

Joe the Pizza Dough

There was once a piece of dough

let’s call him Joe.

He was small and very happy

just a smiley happy chappie.

All his mates were rolled

and squashed into a mould.

But Joe was left alone

on a table made of stone.

Until there was a bump

and he fell with a thump.

He went for a mighty slide

over the floor he did glide.

Through onions, carrots, and corn

dust, dirt, and some popcorn.

Tomato, ham, and cheese

scooting past some mushy peas.

He skittled past a sock

and hit the wall with a knock.

He was squished under a boot

with some gum and mashed-up fruit.

He was kicked onto a mat.

He was icky and kind of flat.

A hairy hand came reaching down

and Joe was tossed with a frown

onto a table with some flour

just his luck a flour shower.

Pummelled and teased

he’s now round with anchovies.

He was slipped onto a pan

Yikes! A hot oven was not his plan.

He started to bubble.

Watch out! He’s in trouble.

When poor Joe was finally baked

what a yucky pizza he did make.

Written by Jennifer and Sandra Mayer

The Lost Red Dress

Leticia’s room was such a mess

that she couldn’t find her pretty red dress.

She looked through the clutter and stuff

but all she found were balls of fluff.

It wasn’t screwed up in a ball

or hidden with her toys at all.

It was not to be found under her bed

or lying under her dog called Fred.

She looked under her books and pens and hat

and even under her flowered mat.

She went and checked her brother’s room

but all she found was a broken broom.

Leticia tipped out her laundry basket

but what she found was a jewelry casket.

Her dress was not on the bedroom floor

and not hidden behind her postered door.

She rifled through her chest of drawers

until they were untidy eyesores.

Its spot was empty in her cupboard.

She was so unhappy she nearly blubbered.

Dad came in to check the fuss

his face went white and he started to cuss.

“What on earth is with all this mess?”

“I cannot find my pretty red dress.”

“You silly girl look in the mirror.”

“Don’t you remember you wore it to dinner?”

“Now hurry up and get into your nightie.”

“No dessert for you until your room’s tidy.”

Now Leticia keeps her room all neat

as she never ever wants to miss a treat.

The Mightiest Bum Squeak

Slithery Sid was a mean old snake

taking over Harry’s burrow was a big mistake.

Harry was cranky, that burrow was home.

All his hard work and now it was gone.

Old Mrs. Kanga heard the hullabaloo

and set out to fix the messy To Do.

A message was sent by bush telegraph

to all the creatures that have poisonous farts.

The bush creatures gathered in a clearing nearby

they lined up ready to let their gas fly.

There were koalas, goannas, and a platypus too

trying to brew a big stinkaroo.

Crocodiles and spiders and a termite or two

wanted to help to turn the air blue.

A galah and a bilby waited in line

chewing on leaves to fluff from behind.

A tassie devil did a one-cheek squeak

while a bush turkey fired off an awful stink.

A young emu foisted a noisy fizzle

while the quokka made a little piffle.

Old Mrs. Kanga put up with the smells

the vapour, the odours, and the poop gas as well.

Until she found at the end of the line

a baby echidna with the foulest fart of all time.

Come little echidna your stink is so vile

come chase the snake out, it’s been quite a while.

Everyone gathered with their nostrils pinched tight

the baby let loose with all of her might.

“Eww, what a horrible stench,” said Sid the snake,

and he left Harry’s burrow with a slither and a shake.

All the bush creatures cheered and clapped

the baby echidna and her bum fluff attack.

Baby echidna may be young and may be small

but she has the mightiest bum squeak of all.

Which Shoes to Choose?

Jasmine didn’t know which ones to choose.

She looked around at all the shoes.

They had to be different, special, one-of-a-kind,

remarkable. extraordinary and hard to find.

Jasmine thought, “What about….”

Sandshoes, sneakers, sandals, flats,

or maybe ones that look like cats.

Moccasins, ugg boots, snow boots, clogs,

What about green ones just like frogs?

Thongs, slippers, gumboots, crocs,

or funny ones you wear with socks.

Low heels, high heels, ballet, slides,

or silly ones with holey sides.

Getta, Jutti, Bast or Ghillies.

Traditional ones are very pretty.

Army, soccer, hockey, or skates.

Nah! A bit too dull for my taste.

Ones with dots or ones with bows.

Maybe shoes with built-in toes.

Bunny slippers with pink noses.

Cowboy boots with red roses.

Jasmine searched low and high,

but nothing special caught her eye.

Until she around and saw

the besest shoes in the store.

They were hiding at the bottom.

Purple boots, nearly forgotten.

They were glittery, funky and just the right size

with high tops and laces, what a surprise.

“These are the ones,” Jasmine clapped with glee.

“Let’s buy them now, pretty please.”

“Here you go Saira, Happy Birthday.”

“I chose them just for you for your special day.”

The Things I Love Most Of All

I love cuddling my old blue bear

and sitting on my big red chair.

Touching Mum’s fluffy sweater,

and standing under my pink umbrella.

Redeep noises of a green tree frog,

and patting a happy hairy dog.

Lying in a field of flowers,

and looking up at really tall towers.

Smelling the cool fresh sea breeze,

and trying to catch some falling leaves.

Tossing sticks on a smokey fire,

and getting pushed higher and higher.

Having laughs at family dinners,

and stroking my pet snake called Shivers.

Watching clouds form funny shapes,

and yummy biscuits being baked.

Building large drip sandcastles,

and opening up surprise parcels.

Feeling the sunshine on my skin,

and snuggling in the dark, can’t see a thing.

Spinning round and round feeling dizzy.

Licking sherbet cones, nice and fizzy.

But the thing that I love most of all,

is Grandpa’s lap. nice and warm.

How Many Cats?

How many cats

can fit on a bed?

I count six and

a dog called Fred.

One’s squashing my chest

and snoring a tune.

Where’s Princess Peanut?

She’s in a sheet cocoon.

How many cats 

can fit in a tub?

Five tabby cats 

all want a scrub.

One has bubbles 

on her nose and

Stinky Poo Walnut

is on tippy toes.

How many cats

can fit on a couch?

Four white cats

all ready to pounce.

One sees a mouse

and makes a shriek.

Whisker is hiding

but he has to peek.

How many cats 

can fit on a sill?

Three orange cats

sitting so still.

Outside the window,

a bird sings a song.

Ginger’s so hungry

his belly moans along. 

How many cats

can fit on a stair?

Three small cats

are just sitting there.

A piece of fluff

goes floating by.

Maggie stares so hard

she goes cross-eyed.

How many cats

can sit on a towel?

Two grey cats

that love to growl.

An ant bites one

on its left paw.

Misty’s toe is 

really quite sore.

How many lovely 

cats can I cuddle?

Just one, a special one,

my Mr. Snuggle.

Cookie the Care Clown

Often when Cookie was sad or depressed

she went to her wardrobe and there she got dressed.

Cookie found she was happy when she spent a short time

being a care clown at the big hospital downtown.

Cookie put on her dress with the large flower button

and a bright orange coat she got from her cousin.

Matched all of this with a pink feather boa

and a toy stethoscope and a badge like a doctor.

The golden crown she perched on her head

was covered with a sticky spider web.

For her feet, she chose her largest clown boots.

They slapped the floor loudly ‘cause they were loose.

When she was dressed she sat at her mirror

to give herself some shine and some shimmer.

She painted her face to look like a clown

with a round red nose that will stop any frowns.

Cookie was ready so she got on the bus

all the people were laughing, there was no fuss.

She sang and she danced and played funny tricks

with the kids in the wards who were awfully sick.

They smiled and laughed and clapped their hands.

They are not sad anymore and Cookie is glad.

Seeing a care clown helped the kids get well

and now Cookie is happy…I’m sure you can tell.

Baxter’s Wish

Baxter sits in the kennel all alone,

“What’s wrong with me? I want a new home.”

He watches as families wander past,

no one gives him a second glance.

Princess T went home on Wednesday last week

and Mighty Thor, next door, found an owner to keep.

Baxter’s ears droop and so does his tail.

“No new home for me,” he bitterly wails.  

Wise old Rupert from across the way

gives Baxter some friendly advice one day.

You must stay up late and look at the sky.

The stars up there are so bright and so high.

If you keep your eyes open during the night.

You may see one fall out of sight.

When it falls make a wish so true,

then it will be granted in a day or two.

Baxter takes Rupert’s advice to heart

and stays up late, way after dark.

He sees a star fall and makes a true wish.

“I wish for a nice family with a couple of kids.”

“I wish for a warm and comfy bed.”

“I wish for hugs and a toy called Ted.”

“I wish for pats every day and night.”

“I’ll wish to chase balls and pretend to fight.”

As the dawn draws closer and night becomes day,

Baxter dreams his wishes are here to stay.

A new day begins and families arrive.

Baxter is hopeful and prances outside.

He sits quite eagerly at the front of his pen.

He thinks of his wishes again and again.

He sees a young boy and gives a small, “Yip.”

The young child smiles and makes his pick.

“I want that one Daddy,” Baxter hears him say.

“He looks friendly and cute and just wants to play.”

Dad looks at Baxter and he gives a big smile.

“Yep, he’s the one. I’ll ask for a trial.”

Now Baxter sleeps at the foot of a bed,

on his warm comfy cushion with his toy called Ted.

He has a warm loving family that he completely adores.

Lots of hugs and kisses from the family of four.

Roxy the Raccoon’s Fancy Dress

Once a fine day

Roxy got a surprise.

“Wear fancy dress

and you’ll win a prize.”

Stella wrote….

 “Come to my party

and join in the fun.”

“Have a dance and a laugh

and good food for your tum.”

Roxy looked through

her trunk of old clothes.

She opened her wardrobe

and turned up her nose.

“I don’t have any 

fancy dress to wear.”

“Nothing that’s right.”

She sighed with despair.

What about this hat

with a bird on its brim?

Or maybe this cap 

with a sequined trim.

A tartan skirt with

a hole for my tail.

Or big clown pants

patterned with scales.

How about this old smock

with lace on its cuffs?

Or maybe this shirt

all covered with fluff.

A bright red ribbon

tied around my neck.

Or a woolen beanie

to wear on my head.

A big blue jacket

or a rainbow vest.

I wonder which one

would look the best.

Roxy looked in the mirror

and gave a huge smile.

I can wear what I want

as fancy dress is my style.

At the party….

Her schoolmates wore

only costumes they bought.

No one had given them

really much thought.

There were gorillas and fairies

and policemen and spies.

Doctors and nurses

and friends in disguise.

Witches and goblins

and superheroes galore.

But none were as good

as what Roxy wore.

Stella clapped her hands

and gave a big cheer.

“Everyone look, Roxy’s here.”

“She’s got her own style and 

her clothes are the best.”

“Here’s a special prize 

for your fancy dress.”

Now, Roxy doesn’t care

if her clothes are not right.

‘Cause, what she wears today

becomes the trend overnight.

Victor the Robot Vacuum

Victor the vacuum scoots around the floor,

sweeping up dust, dirt, hair, and more.

But Victor is bored it’s the same every day,

nothing changes but if he had his way,

he would go outside and have some fun,

but he’s stuck inside doing his run.

He cleans under the table and around the chairs,

skirts the dog and misses the stairs.

Goes under the bed and annoys the cat,

even spins around on the kitchen mat.

He cleans the hallway and around the toybox,

past the linen closet and the dirty socks.

He nudges the dog’s bed and the cat’s scratching post

and even cleans the bathroom which he hates the most.

One day he stops and looks outside,

he sees an old birdbath, and the gate open wide.

A lawnmower, a bike, and a scooter that’s blue,

what fun he could have if he was there too.

Early the next day Victor bangs on the door,

it opens up wide to the great outdoors.

He gathers his courage and goes down the path,

he trundles alongside the old birdbath.

He goes through the gate and along the road,

hits a bump and a rock and a bus going slow.

He loses a brush and he breaks a wheel,

his paint gets scratched. What an ordeal.

He is knocked by the bike and hit by the mower,

he is scared of the cars and afraid of the scooter.

He wobbles and wavers along the roadside

until he grinds to a halt, he just wants to hide.

“Oh no!” he exclaims. “This is no place for me.”

“Where is home? Is it near that big fir tree?”

Victor stumbles along the uneven path,

until he spots the old birdbath.

“Thank goodness I’m back,” he goes inside.

“No more adventures for me. It’s scary outside.”

Victor’s quite happy doing what he does best,

making the floor clean for family and guests.

He now likes…

Going under the table and around the chairs.

He doesn’t mind skirting the dog or missing the stairs.

Going under the bed or annoying the cat.

He even likes spinning on the kitchen mat.

He likes cleaning the hallway and around the toybox,

past the linen closet and the dirty socks.

He doesn’t mind the dog’s bed or the cat’s scratching post,

and he enjoys cleaning the bathroom floor the most.

Victor’s never bored when he cleans the floor,

and doesn’t dream of going outside anymore.

I Don’t Like Peas

I don’t like peas

and I don’t like jam.

I don’t like sardines from a can.

I don’t like onions

and I don’t like soap.

I don’t like Billy being a dope.

I don’t like peanuts

and I don’t like clocks.

I don’t like stinky daddy socks.

I don’t like spiders

and I don’t like bugs.

I don’t like icky slimy slugs.

I don’t like sprouts

and I don’t like mice.

I don’t like itchy scratchy lice.

I don’t like baths

and I don’t like cheese.

I don’t like my knobbly knees.

I don’t like rain

and I don’t like school.

I don’t like cold swimming pools.

I don’t like monkeys

and I don’t like soup.

I don’t like playing with yucky goop.

I don’t like trains 

and I don’t like hay

I don’t like much, that’s what I say!

But, some like peas and some like jam.

Some like sardines from a can.

Some like onions and some like soap.

Billy’s mum likes him being a dope.

Some like peanuts and some like clocks

even Dad likes his stinky socks.

Some like spiders and some like bugs.

and some like icky slimy slugs.

Some like sprouts and some like mice. 

Some even like the itchy lice.

Some like baths and some like cheese.

Mum even likes my knobbly knees.

Some like rain and some like school

and some even like cold swimming pools.

Some like monkeys and some like soup

and some kids like playing with yucky goop.

Some like trains and some like hay.

Me? I don’t like these any day.


there is one thing that I like 

and this is true.

I LOVE broccoli.

How about you?

Who Stole My Underpants?

Who stole my underpants?

They were tight and blue,

and clung like glue,

but were baggy round the bum.

Who stole my underpants?

They were pearly pink,

had a broken zip,

with hearts front and back.

Who stole my underpants?

They had a big truck

and brought me luck

when I wore them for three days.

Who stole my underpants?

They were yellow and bright,

and glowed at night,

with a silver moon on the front.

Who stole my underpants?

They were patterned with ducks,

who had splotches of fluff,

that stuck to the sides of my shorts.

Who stole my underpants?

They were covered in dots,

or maybe spots,

all the colours of the rainbow.

Who stole my underpants?

They were shiny and green,

with a wonky seam,

and yellow trim along the top.

Who stole my underpants?

They were as loose as a goose,

and smelled like a moose,

with a rope to hold them up.

Who stole my underpants?

They were fire engine red,

and I wore them to bed,

until they got a hole.

Who stole my underpants?

They were white and clean,

and looked like a dream,

with buttons on the sides.

Did YOU steal my underpants?

Were they fire engine red

or white and clean?

Were they as loose as a goose

or had a wonky seam?

Were they covered in dots

or patterned with ducks?

Were they yellow and bright

or brought me luck?

Were they pearly pink

or tight and blue?

Who stole my underpants?

Was it you, You, or YOU?

A Dandelion’s Wish

Dandelion seeds spread far and wide,

high above the evening tide.

Up the mountains and

down the dales,

touching tips of humpback tails.

Skirting rivers wide and deep,

following the tracks of bleating sheep.

Trying to find a worthy soul,

a wish to grant, a dream made whole.

Past city streets around church towers,

in the gardens, amongst the flowers.

Around the animals in the zoo,

in the playground, peek-a-boo.

Down sandy beaches, crisp and clean,

around old doorways, never seen.

Adult and child, dog and cat,

reach up high, they try to catch,

the dandelion heads as they fly past,

but their wishes do not pass.

Floating high above the clouds,

dipping suddenly without a sound.

Flying here and soaring there,

even past the big old chair.

Around and around the busy park,

through the tunnel, what a lark.

Until they sense a wish so dire,

a child’s prayer, that will expire.

Not a dream of an ice cream cone,

or a silly thing like a pretty stone.

A wish so special the seed head seeks,

a sickly child who’s very weak.

Her brother prays with his hands held wide,

the seed head lands, it will provide.

He clasps his hands and holds tenderly,

the dandelion’s secret and specialty.

He whispers his wish desperately,

closes his eyes and blows it carefully,

It floats around his sick sister’s bed,

until it hovers above her head.

It lands softly, a seed head kiss,

then just as quickly as not to miss,

it drops one seed onto the floor,

the wish is granted, just one, no more.

It floats upon the daytime breeze, 

out the window to the trees,

To grant another special request,

a dandelion’s wish will be blessed.

Scrumdiliumptious Scoodillydoo

Scrumdiliumptious scoodillydoo

You see me 

but where are you?

Tickety tack clickety-clack

Are you hiding 

down the track?

Bibitydipity bobbilystop

What’s the time

on the clock?

Piffilypaddy puddilypie

Is that you

up in the sky?

Doddillydap faddilyscat

Are you hiding 

with the cat?

Appleedappily dipillydot

Let me check

the big flower pot.

Mopilydopily mottleyscuz

Are you peeking

through the fuzz?

Jigglingjaggling jippityjap

What’s that bump

under the mat?

Vippityvapity tiddilytee

Is that you

up that tree?

Hipplyhappily hoppitywho

Are you hiding 

in Dad’s shoe?

Hipplyhappily hoppitywho

Vippityvapity tiddilytee

Jigglingjaggling jippityjap

Mopilydopily mottleyscuz

Appleedappily dipillydot

Doddillydap faddilyscat

Piffilypaddy puddilypie

Bibitydipity bobbilystop

Tickety tack clickety-clack and

Scrumdiliumptious scoodillydoo

There you are

I see you.

Move and Groove

Can you move?

Can you groove?

Turn the page,

see how well you do.

Stand up straight,

big and tall.

Curl up tight,

on the floor.

Rub your belly, 

pat your head.

Put your foot,

behind your head.

Do a somersault, 

don’t be shy.

Three-star jumps,

touch the sky.

Slide around,

like a snake.

Clap your hands,

hey, that’s great!

Sway your body,

to and fro.

Hop like a frog,

come on, let’s go!

Walk a straight line,

to the door.

Crumple down,

starfish on the floor.

Close your eyes, 

and spin around.

Sit down quick,

don’t fall down.

Arch your back,

like a cat.

Puppy dog pants,

yes, just like that.

Hop on one foot,

then the other.

Wipe your whiskers,

like an otter.

Jump up high, 

you’re the best.

Lay your head down,

time to rest.

The Little Mouse and Mrs. Macaw

“You sneaky mouse,

what are you doing?

That’s my dinner,

that you are chewing.”

“Go and find,

something else to eat.

That bird seed’s mine,

not your treat.”

“But, I’m hungry,” 

the little mouse whined.

“This seed is all,

that I can find.”

“You silly mouse,

there is food everywhere.

With the camels and ducks,

the geese and the mare.”

“There’s heaps to eat,

just look around.

Check in the troughs and the trees,

look on the ground.”

“All right, all right,

I’ll go and see.

If any of their food,

is right for me.”

“Let’s try this grass, 

the cows think it’s good.

Oh, yuck!

It tastes just like wood.”

“The camels think,

the hay is nice.

It’s stuck in my teeth.

Ugh! Bad for mice.”

“That weed looks like,

it’s yummy for ducks.”

“What a shame”, said mouse,

“It tastes like flux.”

“The gobbly geese,

love the pumpkin vine.

It’s sweet to them, 

but it’s sure not mine.”

“Rabbits sure like,

dandelion flowers.

Makes my belly sore,

for hours and hours.”

“The mare’s oats,

look yummy to eat.

Oohh yucky! 

Not my treat.”

Gurgle, growl!

“Can’t you find,

anything nice to eat?

Come into my house,

and have a seat.”

“I know I was mean,

not to share my food.

No one should be hungry,

sorry, I was rude.”

Mrs. Macaw and the little mouse, 

met each day.

they chattered and talked,

but didn’t eat hay.

They gossipped and babbled

until the day turned long.

And shared the seed,

until it was gone.

Kitty Cat Swallowed a Cricket

Sleepy kitty opened her eyes.

Stretched her paws, 

and looked at the sky.

She arched her back 

and took a big yawn.

When in jumped a cricket,

and soon it was gone.

Chirp, chirp!

You’ve swallowed a cricket, 

hurry be quick.

Hang upside down,

or you’ll be sick.

Chirp, chirp!

That didn’t work,

try to wiggle and shake.

If you do this, 

your belly won’t ache.

Chirp, chirp!

That won’t do,

you need to hop.

Up and down,

you’re sure to pop.

Chirp, chirp!

Try this, try this,

it will work.

Chase your tail,

don’t be a jerk.

Chirp, chirp!

That didn’t work, 

just wait and see.

You need to fly, 

for it to be free.

Chirp, chirp!

You silly cat, 

it is a fact.

If you run fast,

you’ll be free of that.

Chirp, chirp!

Chirp, chirp!

Huck, HUCK!


From running and jumping 

and being upside down.

Kitty was tired, 

her face had a frown.

She shook and stretched

and curled up tight.

Sleepy kitty.

Good night.

What’s for Breakfast?

Do you have warm congee

and Chinese tea?

Or whitebait fritters

with sauce for three.

Soft-boiled eggs

with soldiers of toast?

Yummy bacon, tomatoes,

and apple juice.

Do you have a warm honey bagel

and a hot chocolate?

Or a cheesy hot dog

stuffed with the lot.

Crispy french toast 

with a berry smoothie?

Nice warm rice

with spicy kimchi.

Do you like sweet pancakes 

and strawberry milk?

Or hot pho soup

with noodles like silk.

What about watermelon, lychees,

and a lukewarm tea?

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Is it oatmeal, like me?

Roger the Flea

Roger slips off the hair of his dog.

He’s playing around and got kind of lost.

He holds his breath and takes a jump 

and lands with a very soft bump.

“Hello, anyone here?” he yells as he lands. 

All is quiet on the pooch scratching sand.

Roger scampers through the soft white fluff.

 He holds his breath and takes a jump.

 He lands in some prickly short black feathers.

They scratch his feet and give him shivers.

“Hey, get off me,” a deep voice said. 

Roger has landed on a magpie’s head.

“This is not home,”  Roger sighs,

he holds his breath and closes his eyes.

He takes a jump and lands on the grass. 

“Now, I’ll just wait until my dog goes past.”

Roger bounces up and down

until a new dog comes around.

He holds his breath and takes a jump,

latching on some swinging stuff.

He quickly climbs up the silky hair,

finds a ladybug living there.

“Not my home,” he says with a sigh

and runs to the tail riding high.

A big black brute trundles past,

he holds his breath and gets ready to jump.

“I hope this one is finally home.”

Roger takes off and lands with a groan.

“Hi, come join with us and have a feast,”

the ticks say as they wipe their cheeks.

“No, thank you,'” said Roger sickly.

He runs away from the ticks quite quickly.

He holds his breath and takes a jump,

he lands in some familiar scruff.

He sees a very happy sight,

his family ready for a bite.

“Ah, Roger you’re back at last!” 

“Come, have some dinner,

we’re about to start.” 

Tip and Tap

What naughty dogs are Tip and Tap.

They are always getting into this and that.

When left at home it’s fun in the sun.

What mischief they get into, on the run.

Growling and playing are what they do.

Looking for something new to chew.

Jumping over fences to get to the cat.

Digging holes in the dirt, yuck what’s that?

When going for walks they yank and pull.

Trying to run up and down every hill.

They bark at the dogs as we go by.

They growl at the birds high in the sky.

What wonderful dogs are Tip and Tap.

They love playing ball and lots of pats.

They like to cuddle up to us.

They really don’t try to make any fuss.

They protect us from strangers at the door.

They sit at their dinner bowls wanting more.

Their bodies and tails wiggle and wag.

When the family comes home, let’s play tag.

We love our dogs’ Tip and Tap.

Especially when they’re having a nap.

Ellie the Elephant

Can you guess what Ellie and her friends are up to?

Sammy the snake sings songs while sliding down the

grass. Graham the grasshopper grunts while gnawing green

olives. Ollie the Octopus ogles the odd

butterfly. Billy the baboon bounces balls beside a blue

pineapple. Penny the porcupine playfully plays piano on the

caravan. Charlie the crocodile crunches cornflakes while chasing a

feather. Felicity the flamingo flutters her fabulous

handkerchief. Holly the hippopotamus hides happily in the

dog house. Donna the dingo dances while drawing an

elf. Ellie the elephant excitedly eats with


One Crazy Night

One crazy night

I looked under my bed.

There was a bright green sock

and a bear named Ted.

And sitting in the middle

amongst all the stuff.

Was a big friendly monster

wearing earmuffs.

Then behind

my bedroom door.

There were two baby spiders

climbing the wall.

Hiding in the corner

as small as can be

a tiny little monster

smiling at me.

Under my desk 

was a glove and a ball,

a frisbee, a bat

and that’s not all.

Lying flat on the floor

with his eyes open wide.

A big hairy monster

waving goodbye.

Right up high 

with the stars in the sky,

A spaceship and satellite

sailed right by.

And swinging up high

from his longish tail,

a bright shiny monster

his hands like sails.

A funny noise

came from my cupboard.

I opened it up 

and saw Mrs. Hubbard.

She was curled up 

on my new school hat.

Beside her, I saw 

a monster named Splat.

I pulled up the covers

of my lovely new bed.

Pulled them up

right over my head.

And lying beside me

all cuddly and warm,

was my old furry monster

tattered and torn.

He looked so soft

in his old battered way.

I clung so tightly

I wanted to stay,

curled up tight

in my new big bed,

with all my monsters

around my head.

Noises in the night

I was lying in my bed,

starting to dream of sleep.

When suddenly I heard,

scratching at my feet.

It wasn’t at my feet,

it was near my head.

I was pretty scared, 

so, I sat up in my bed.

Then I heard a different noise,

coming from the ceiling.

A pity patter of tiny feet,

how fast my heart was beating.

What was that?

What was that sound?

“Can’t you be quiet?”

I screamed out loud.

“What’s going on?”

Dad walked in.

“Why were you, 

making such a din?”

Then he heard it. 

He said, “Aha!”

He went and got a torch,

from the boot of the car.

He opened the manhole.

He went to take a look.

Shining light, prodded and poked,

searching every nook.

A family of possums

stayed for the night.

Daddy, Mummy, three kids,

all eyes shining bright.

Dad came back,

“We’ll move them tomorrow.”

“A nice warm house,”

“That will stop your sorrow.”

The possum family stayed,

in our roof that night.

A new home was built,

what a sight.

From my window, we can see them, 

playing joyfully.

Daddy, Mummy, and three kids, 

as happy as can be.

Don’t Step on the Worm

Pat the cat

don’t scratch that.

Stroke the hog

hot diggity dog.

Ruffle the bird

how absurd.

Sneeze on a frog

what a clod.

Kiss a camel

high up in the saddle.

Sniff the snake

look what’s at stake.

Hug the hippo

feels like a pillow.

Skate with a drake

take a break.

Squeeze the mouse,

what a louse.

Tickle the tern

it won’t burn.

Don’t step on the worm.

It will make you squirm.

You can pat the cat or

stroke the hog.

Ruffle the bird and

sneeze on a frog.

You can kiss a camel or

sniff the snake.

Hug the hippo and

skate with a drake.

You can squeeze the mouse or 

tickle the tern.

But definitely, definitely 

don’t step on the worm.

The Butterfly Ball

When can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When you come out of your egg.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When you grow more than three centimetres long.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball? 

When you eat ten whole leaves without getting sick.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When you can climb up the tallest tree.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When you get nice and fat.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When you can build your own cocoon.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

When next spring comes and the winds are warm.

Now can I go to the Butterfly Ball?

Spread your wings beautiful butterfly.

Now you can dance at the Butterfly Ball.

What Do Animals Look Like?

Elephants are huge and flabby.

Mice are tiny and furry.

Giraffes are tall and spotty.

Fish are wet and shimmery.

Hippos are big and muddy.

Snakes are long and slinky.

Gorillas are large and hairy.

Rabbits are soft and silky.

Tigers are slim and stripy.

Lady bugs are tiny and spotty.

Polar bears are white and fluffy.

Flamingos are pink and feathery.

Echidnas are brown and spiky.

Frogs are green and slippery.

Sheep are soft and woolly,

Crocodiles are long and scaly.

Pigs are fat and messy.

Bats are small and leathery.

Dolphins are sleek and shiny.

Penguins are cute and fluffy.

Walruses are large and toothy.

Jellyfish are clear and stringy.

Geckos are pale and clingy.

And Butterflies are delicate and pretty.

Able Alex and Friends

Able Alex,

shares the load.

Gives his friends a hand,

whenever he’s told.

Bouncing Betty,

bounces up high.

Until she nearly,

touches the sky.

Curious Calie,

looks in the pot.

What a fright, 

for it is hot.

Daring Dedo,

goes so fast.

Scares the cat,

as he goes past.

Earning Ellie,

helps Mum heaps.

Saving coins,

for lots of treats.

Furious Fred.

jumps up and down.

He’s never happy,

what a clown.

Growing Gaelen,

is getting tall fast.

His feet are so big,

his shoes won’t last.

Hugging Harry.

loves his toys.

He hugs them hard.

What a noise!

Icey Izzy,

plays in the snow.

Sliding on ice.

Go, Go, Go!

Jumping Jenny,

jumps so high.

On the trampoline, 

up to the sky.

Kissing Kenny.

loves to kiss.

Watch out girls,

he mightn’t miss.

Lying Lando,

gets in trouble.

Telling lies  

gets him double.

Musical Maarja,

sings all the time.

Songs and sonnets,

keep in rhyme.

Naughty Nancy,

stomps up the stairs.

Kicks in doors

doesn’t share.

Organized Ollie,

keeps all in line.

Tidies up drawers,

no rubbish to find.

Perfect Paddie,

all clean and neat.

Bedroom’s tidy.

Oh, what a treat!

Quiet Queenie,

always whispers.

No one can hear her,

not even her sisters.

Rushing Ruby,

bumps into walls.

She moves so fast,

you can’t see her at all.

Silent Sam,

makes not a peep.

Doesn’t move a muscle.

Is he asleep?

Terrible Tanish,

stamps his feet.

Shakes his fists,

and smacks his seat.  

Underwear Uwan,

 wears them on his head.

Throws them at his sister,

dirty ones under his bed.

Valiant Vince,

bravely climbs the tree.

Catches the cat.

What about me?

Wandering Wendy,

always gets lost.

naps on the bench

loses her socks.

X-ray Xavier,

can see through you.

Knows what you’re thinking,

knows what is true.

Yelling Yoshi,

is always so loud.

Cannot be quiet,

makes lots of sounds.

Zooming Zebbie,

he’s here and he’s there.

Zebbie and his friends

are everywhere.

Felix the Ferret

Felix the ferret 

wants to play.

But Andy, his owner

is busy all day.

Felix is bored 

he wants to fight.

But Andy is already

asleep for the night.

Felix is hungry 

he begs at his bowl.

No more food for you

Felix is told.

Felix is happy

he just wants to dance.

Andy’s tunes are slow,

not great for a prance.

Felix is thirsty

Andy’s juice looks great.

Only water for ferrets

or your belly will ache.

Felix is lonely

he just wants to play.

Andy’s at school

maybe another day.

Felix is grumpy

no one to wrestle.

Andy frowns at Felix

he’s the devil.

Felix is dopey

he just wants to sleep.

Not now Felix

it’s time to eat.

Felix is sad

he just wants some snuggles.

Andy sees he’s blue

and gives him lots of cuddles.

6 Six Book Series – Cool Things

Cool Things to Do

It is ever so cool

to find things to do.

What cool things

are up there for you?

Do you like

visiting Nana and Pop

or horse rides?

Swings on the playground 

or slippery slides?

Do you like

scaring monsters from 

under your bed?

Jumping in puddles

or playing with Ed?

Do you like

climbing a tree

and building a fort?

Visiting friends

or playing football?

Do you like

riding a ferry 

or catching a train?

Visiting the zoo

or sneaking away?

What’s the best thing to do

you scratch your head?

Reading to baby sister

tucked up in bed.

Cool Things to See

It is ever so cool

to find neat things to see.

Look around

I guarantee.

Can you see

the fish in the aquarium

and the shells on the beach?

The tallest tree and

the smallest leaf.

Can you see

the Rosella on

the old lady’s hat?

The gurgling creek and

the upside-down bat.

Can you see 

Nana’s old photos

and the birthday cake?

Dolphins doing tricks and

the seals sneak and take.

Can you see 

everyone’s legs 

when you dive into the pool?

High up the tower,

the view’s so cool.

What’s the best thing to see

when you open your eyes wide?

Your baby sister’s smile

when you come inside.

Cool Things to Hear

There are cool things to hear

wherever you are.

Can you hear cool sounds

from near and afar?

Can you hear 

the cackle of

a kookaburra or

the bark of your dog?

Clack of trains over tracks

or the redeep of a frog.

Can you hear

the school bell ringing

when it’s time to go home?

Friends talking fast

on the telephone.

Can you hear

Dad singing funny 

when he’s in the shower?

The cuckoo clock

when it hits the hour.

Can you hear

Nana’s oven beep? 

The biscuits are done.

Laughter at the table

gosh, what fun.

What do you hear

that you love the most?

Your baby sister’s gurgle 

when you dress up like a ghost.

Cool Things to Smell

Smelling nice things

is cool to do.

What can you smell now

is it pretty perfume?

Can you smell

Mum’s fresh baked cookies

with chocolate chips?

Lemon tart, peach pie,

or plain potato crisps.

Can you smell 

the fresh cool forest 

whisp through the car?

Pine trees, smokey breeze

a forest fire from afar.

Can you smell cut grass

or peppermint toothpaste?

Fried eggs and bacon

or even new paint.

Can you smell the scent

of your nice warm bed?

Soft sheets, pillowcases,

and your bear called Fred.

Was the coolest thing you smelled

the sea breeze on the path?

Or your sister’s wet hair,

clean from her bath.

Cool Things to Touch

There are cool things everywhere

to feel and to touch.

With your fingers, your tongue 

or even a brush.

What do you feel 

when you pat your pet cat?

Soft fur and ears 

or maybe a scratch.

How does it feel 

when your tongue licks a pop?

Crunchy or sticky

slippery or not.

What do you feel

when you hug a big tree?

The roughness of bark

on your arms and your cheek.

How does it feel 

when your bike blows a tire?

Bumpy and lumpy

like riding a wire.

What’s the coolest thing that

you’ve ever felt?

Your baby sister’s kisses,

so soft that you melt.

Cool Things to Taste

There are cool yummy things

to taste that’s a treat.

But not all things

are sweet to eat.

Can you taste 

the tartiness of

the sweet strawberry?

The zing of an orange 

or the bitter red cherry.

Can you taste

the smooth creaminess

of ice-cold milk?

With the syrupy toffee

that feels like smooth silk.

Can you taste

the pepper flavour

of the nasturtium flower?

Or the sweetness of hive honey

that lingers for hours.

Can you taste 

the hot cookie

straight from the oven?

The sour of a lemon

or a tangy muffin.

Maybe it’s the salt water

when you swim in the sea.

But the coolest thing to taste

Is your baby sister’s tea.

Ten Pink Galahs 

(sung or read in the tune of 10 Green Bottles)

Ten pink galahs sitting on the fence,

Ten pink galahs sitting on the fence,

But if one pink galah happens to fly away.

There’ll be nine pink galahs sitting on the fence.

Nine red kangas jumping through the bush,

Nine red kangas jumping through the bush,

But if one red kanga stops to have a snack.

There’ll be eight red kangas jumping through the bush.

Eight brown emus trotting up the track,

Eight brown emus trotting up the track,

But if one brown emu stops to lay an egg.

There’ll be seven brown emus trotting up the track. 

Seven green tree frogs sitting on a leaf,

Seven green tree frogs sitting on a leaf,

But if one green tree frog jumps to catch a fly.

There’ll be six green tree frogs sitting on a leaf.

Six grey koalas sleeping in a tree,

Six grey koalas sleeping in a tree,

But if one grey koala wakes and has a scratch.

There’ll be five grey koalas sleeping in a tree.

Five white pelicans standing on the sand,

Five white pelicans standing on the sand,

But if one white pelican does a little dance.

There’ll be four white pelicans standing on the sand.

Four yellow snakes slither up the vine,

Four yellow snakes slither up the vine,

But if one yellow snake slides down to the ground,

There’ll be three yellow snakes slithering up the vine.

Three grey goannas sunning on the rock,

Three grey goannas sunning on the rock,

But if one grey goanna darts to grab a meal.

There’ll be two grey goannas sunning on the rock.

Two orange bats clinging to a branch,

Two orange bats clinging to a branch,

But if one orange bat wakes and flies away.

There’ll be one orange bat clinging to the branch.

One black echidna snuffles under leaves,

One black echidna snuffles under leaves,

But if the one black echidna finally falls to sleep.

There’ll be no black echidnas snuffling under leaves.

Twelve Little Pigs

(Based upon the traditional rhyme ‘5 Little Ducks’)

Twelve little pigs went out one day.

Over the fields and far away.

Daddy pig said, “oink oink,” come back.

But only eleven little pigs came back.

Eleven little chicks went out one day.

Out of the henhouse and far away.

Mother hen said, “cluck cluck,” come back.

But only ten little chicks came back.

Ten little possums went out one day.

Out of the tree and far away.

Daddy possum said, “grunt grunt,” come back.

But only nine little possums came back.

Nine tiger cubs went out one day.

Out of the grass and far away.

Mother tiger said, “growl growl,” come back.

But only eight little cubs came back.

Eight little froglets went out one day.

Out of the pond and far away.

Daddy frog said, “croak croak,” come back.

But only seven little froglets came back.

Seven little joeys went out one day,

Out of the bush and far away.

Mother Kanga went, “click click,” come back.

But only six little joeys came back.

Six little rabbits went out one day.

Out of the burrow and far away.

Daddy rabbit went, “thump thump,” come back.

But only five little rabbits came back.

Five little crickets went out one day.

Out of the flowers and far away.

Mother cricket said, “chirp chirp,” come back.

But only four little crickets came back.

Four little snakes went out one day.

Out of the log and far away.

Daddy snake said, “hiss hiss,” come back.

But only three little snakes came back.

Three little pups went out one day 

Out of the yard and far away

Mother dog said, “woof woof,” come back

But only two little pups came back.

Two little poults went out one day.

Out of the scrub and far away.

Daddy turkey said, “gobble gobble,” come back.

But only one little poult came back.

All of the adults went out one day.

To the playground far away.

Sat with the kids to have a snack.

And after lunch, they all came back.