What is Reality? (Short)

 Log Line

Within the white room, there is a blurring of lines between memories, fantasies, actualities and realities.


RACHIT (18), dressed in either a white hood or a black gown, is caught in a series of memories and fantasies that increasingly get darker.
He is stuck in a white featureless room and his alter-egos play out what appears to be childhood memories. These memories start off as being mild child’s play in the fashion of ‘boys will be boys’ but they quickly escalate into more harrowing and violent scenes until Rachit in the black gown says ‘Enough’. This changes the dynamic of the boys’ relationship and questions that the bullied can become worse than the bully.
The twist at the end occurs when it is discovered that it is Rachit, in his bedroom, is watching and manipulating the scenes on his computer screen.



What is reality

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